Broadband Committee

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The Town of Fryeburg Broadband Committee recognizes the importance of making affordable and reliable high-speed internet available to all residents and businesses. It is understood that having improved broadband is vital to businesses (both large and small), students and educators, those seeking telehealth/aging in place options, and those who want to pursue community and civic engagement.  Therefore, the Committee will:

Identify, promote, facilitate and accelerate improvements to broadband infrastructure in Fryeburg

Collect and maintain comprehensive information on the state of broadband in households, businesses, schools and public gathering areas in Fryeburg

Analyze internal data to identify areas negatively impacted by lack of availability and quality of broadband services in Fryeburg to identify areas for improvement

Facilitate and accelerate improvements by identifying and pursuing public and private funding opportunities to improve infrastructure the most efficient process possible

Board Members

Kimberley Smith