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General Info


Public Works Director: Clyde Watson

Public Works Assistant Director: Ira Ela

Road Crew: Mitchell Spark, Broughton Shackford, Richard Norcross

Fryeburg Town Garage
165 Bridgton Road
Fryeburg , Maine 04037

Town Garage Phone #: 207-935-2772

Public Works Director #: 207-890-6376


While the road crew is commonly on the road working, they do frequently check messages at the garage. If there is an emergency and you need to reach them immediately, please call the Town Office at 935-2805 and they can contact the road crew in the field.

Hours: Monday through Friday 7:00am - 3:00pm




Road Updates :

Posted Roads:

Currently there is a procedure in place which requires a permit to travel over a posted roadway if the vehicle is registered for a gross weight of more than 23,000 pounds unless otherwise posted . There are exemptions which include, but are not limited, to school buses, emergency vehicles, heating fuel trucks, and solid waste trucks. The permit application and $75 application fee can be filed with the Code Enforcement Officer along with a $10,000 insurance bond.

The Selectmen , along with the Road Commissioner and CEO, have been working to amend the procedure for traveling over posted roads and new standards are expected to be in place prior to the spring "mud season".

List of Posted Roads: Haleytown Road- No through trucks over 28,000 GWV

Denmark Road- No through trucks over 69,000 GWV

State vs. Local Roads:

Fryeburg has a number of roads that are State roads. The state is responsible to maintain these roads and contracts*

The State Roads in Fryeburg are Route 5, Route 113, Route 302, Fish Street , and Harbor Road .  If you want to report maintenance problems with these roads, please call the Fryeburg MEDOT office at 935-2646. 

More information can also be found at

* the town to plow during the winter months.