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Fire Department Contact Information:

For emergencies: Call 911

Fire Chief: Andrew Dufresne

Non-emergency #: 207-935-2615

Fax #: 207-935-2615

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Burn Permit Information: 

Please contact one of the people below to obtain a fire permit or go to to obtain an online permit.

If you have any questions about open air burning please contact the Fire Chief or any Deputy Fire Warden.

Town Fire Warden:  - Andrew Dufresne - 935-2615

Deputy Warden: Gay Kiesman - 935-2836

Deputy Warden: Eric Meltzer - 650-7900

Deputy Warden - John Plowden - 890-7576

Deputy Warden - Web Fox - 697-2138 

Burn permits are required year round.  River permits are available at Jockey Cap Store and Swans Falls Campground.


Fire Department Members by rank:

Chief: Andrew Dufresne

Assistant Chief:   Chet Charette

Captains:  Moe Baillargeon, Dana Richardson, Russell Burnell, David Richardson, Scott Gregory, Clyde Watson, Peter Hill, Tom Klinepeter, Gerald Kiesman, George Walker,                           Gabe Watson, Ozzie Sheaff

Lieutenants: Ernie Nelson, Joseph Frank, Phil Remington

Firefighters:  Fred Berube, Eric Meltzer, Patrick Emery, Terry MacGillivary, Andrew Tilton, Dan Dyer, Joe Frank, David Baril Sr, Marcus Fox, Ben Bailey, Robert Deschambeault

  *****We need new volunteers, Please call the Fire Chief at (207)935-2615.

Auxiliary:  Kristen Charette, Jeannine Berube, Mary Hill, Ronda Boivin, Amanda Emery, Sonya Sheaff


The Fryeburg Fire Department was started on February 28, 1887 and was at that time called the Fryeburg Village Fire Corporation. In 1961 the Village Corporation was dissolved and the Town of Fryeburg took over the fire department. In 2005 the Town voted to staff with a full time Fire Chief to help keep up with the administrative demands of the department. All of the firefighters are volunteer (pay per call) but still donate much of their time to the department.  Each of the apparatus has a Captain in charge with a Lieutenant as an assistant to manage the day-to-day upkeep and operational readiness of all equipment. The department utilized 4 inch large diameter hose for water supply operations.  The downtown "Village" section of town is covered by a pressurized hydrant system.  In outlying areas, we utilize drafting from ponds and streams as typically seen in rural areas where water is needed for fire suppression.

The Fryeburg Fire Department now consists of two stations with Fire Headquarters at 520 Main Street.  This station is where the Fire Chief has his office and also houses 2 engines, 1 tanker, 1 forestry truck, and a utility truck. Fire Headquarters is where our training classroom is located.  The East Fryeburg Station at 16 Denmark Road in East Fryeburg and houses 1 engine, 1 mini pumper. There are currently 26 members, and a Ladies Auxiliary with about 6 members.

The Fryeburg Fire Department works in partnership with the Saco Valley Fire Association, located in North Fryeburg. They are the primary Fire Department for Chatham, New Hampshire and Stow, Maine. They are located in North Fryeburg and utilize the Fryeburg Fire radio frequency and paging tone.  

We hold our meetings on the second Wednesday of every month and we have trainings on the first Wednesday of every month. The fire department is funded through the Town Budget. We also have the Fryeburg Firemen's Fund Inc, which is a non profit corporation that does fund raising dinners, raffles, etc. The money raised through the corporation is used to purchase equipment, gear, or vehicles for the department that we need and has saved the taxpayers a lot of money over the years. The men and women of the Fryeburg Fire Department are very dedicated and give countless hours to assist the town's people in all types of emergencies.

WE NEED YOUR HELP AND NEW MEMBERS!   To be a member you must be 18 years old or to be a junior member you must be 14 years old and have parental consent. 

If you have any interest in joining the Fryeburg Fire Department or the Auxillary please visit Fire Headquarters weekdays and meet with the Fire Chief or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Current Projects:  The Fryeburg Fire Department recently partnered with the American Red Cross to host a town wide Free Smoke Detector Program.  Volunteers from the Red Cross and volunteers from the Fryeburg Fire Department visited over 50 homes and installed 206 smoke detectors on November 19th.  If you missed this program recently, please call the Fire Chief at (207)935-2615 and schedule a visit for free smoke detector installation. (Fryeburg Residents) 

Remember- "Smoke Detectors Save Lives"


Fryeburg Fire Department FaceBook Page

Oxford County Emergency Management FaceBook Page


Contact Information for Emergency Shelters

In the event you need assistance relocating to an Emergency Shelter or to check the status of Emergency Shelter availability in the Fryeburg area please call the following numbers:

Andrew Dufresne- Emergency Management Director,

Fryeburg: (207) 557-4025

 Chet Charette - Assistant Emergency Management Director,

Fryeburg: (207) 318-6413